Who likes “the process” of change?

No one.
The answer is no one.
Change is a huge, time consuming, emotionally draining process that everyone hates and no one wants to see.
We want a magic trick. We are all supposed to change and grow effortlessly and seamlessly. Whenever a problem arises, we are supposed to disappear into a cocoon somewhere and emerge perfectly transformed. This is true of so many things in life. 
Think about it. What does society, your family, or you expect? Poor people are supposed to just have money. Fat people are supposed to just be thin. Those with mental illness are supposed to just be fixed.
It’s an absurd standard and one that we should reject thoroughly. The process of change, especially purposeful change, takes a while and is very messy…but it’s a mess in which we should see beauty. 
We have to give others and ourselves time. We have to trust that they want to be happy and healthy. See absurd expectations for what they are and let yourself have your process. It is your right.


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