Valentine’s Day

We all have seen the stores littered with pinks and reds, chocolates, gifts, flowers, as well as cards, so it must be true… Valentine’s Day is approaching. This day can be many things: positive, negative, neutral, and anyway in-between. We could be in a romantic relationship that is thriving. This day could also be the day that we get to show extra affection to our loved ones, a day full of envy with consistent reminders of the lack of romantic relationships that we so desire, just another day on the calendar, or any variation that works for you. Regardless of your relationship status, Valentine’s Day is the PERFECT day to up our self-care and self-love. 

I know this could sound difficult, but it could be helpful to remove the stigma of only celebrating the commercialized holiday if you are in a romantic relationship. We can celebrate the day to give yourself extra love and show love to others.

Ways to do so:

  • 1.     Go to your local bookstore and purchase that book you’ve been meaning to buy, and set aside time to enjoy it.
  • 2.     Cook yourself a delicious meal. Bonus: you can invite other friends over and have a gathering with your favorite people.
  • 3.     Buy yourself a gift. (Spoiling ourselves doesn’t have to be a seldom thing, we can do it because we want to.)
  • 4.     Write yourself a letter about how amazing you are. Bonus: start a gratitude journal.
  • 5.     Try that new hobby you have been putting off.
  • 6.     Reach out to an old friend you haven’t spoken to.
  • 7.     Allow yourself to take a guilt-free nap.
  • 8.     Practice meditation and focused breathing techniques.
  • 9.     Look to see if there are any single events going on in your city that you can go to with a friend.
  • 10.  Go to the movies and eat too much popcorn and candy, because you should!
  • 11.   Order take out and watch your favorite TV show series or movies.

Give Valentine’s Day a new meaning of showering yourself and others, if you want to, with love and affection, because you deserve to spend the day your way.